Julianna Pena won TUF and kicked some bouncers in the nuts. Cat Zingano took on Ronda Rousey and lost in mere seconds. Think these ladies have something to prove?

It takes all of 20 seconds for Zingano to wade in with punches and throw Pena to the mat, but they trade being on top a few times until Zingano settles in about midway through the round. From there Pena is constantly slapping her opponent’s ears while Zingano drops an occasional elbow, and the horn sounds with them on their feet trading.

Round 2 opens with Zingano throwing his foe to the canvas, and when Pena gets up, Zingano sends her airborne with another throw. But Pena out-works her and reverses, and in no time has Zingano’s back. The rest of the frame is spent with Pena trying to get her forearms around Zingano’s neck and Zingano defending.

Pena dominates all of Round 3, scoring a takedown in the first few seconds, dropping elbows from within Zingano’s half-guard, and then taking her back. Zingano does well preventing the choke, but that’s all she can do, and when the bout ends there’s no mystery who earned the decision.


Result: Julianna Pena def. Cat Zingano via Unanimous Decision