When last these two met, Jose Aldo was the featherweight champ and Frankie Edgar was a former lightweight champ moving down to find some success among the 145-pounders. Aldo beat him convincingly that night, but since then, Edgar has been destroying all while Aldo was crumbling at the hands of Conor McGregor in mere seconds.  Will Edgar avenge his loss and earn the interim belt tonight?

Maybe he’s gunshy, or maybe Edgar is just really tough to read, but for most of the first round Aldo doesn’t do much but throw single strikes while Edgar gets more and more confident throwing combos. But the final minute has the Brazilian turning up the heat, nailing the American with a cross and a couple knees to the body that definitely have an impact.

Every takedown attempt by Edgar gets easily shucked off by the Brazilian, so the majority of the second round is all about Aldo jabbing repeatedly until the former lightweight champ is bleeding near his eye. For his part, Edgar lands his right hand more than a few times, which means this fight is going to be a nightmare to score if it goes to the judges.

The third round sees Aldo prevent every takedown, although twice Edgar does manage to mush him against the fence. In terms of striking, they both take turns bopping each other with right hands. It is impossible to guess who’s ahead on the scorecards.

Finally we have a round with a clear winner, as the fourth has Edgar constantly in pursuit but walking into Aldo’s jabs and crosses. By the time the horn sounds, Aldo appears fresh while Edgar is a bloody mess.

Edgar just can’t catch the constantly moving Brazilian, and whenever he gets within punching distance, Aldo tags him with lefts and rights that make Edgar’s face bloodier and bloodier. That’s the story of the fifth round, and that seals the deal for the victor.


Result: Jose Aldo def. Frankie Edgar via Unanimous Decision