It’s a testament to the depth of talent on this card that Gegard Mousasi is stuck on the Fight Pass prelims, and Mousasi headlines other UFC cards. That’s insane!

Anyway, up next is Mousasi versus Thiago Santos, which should provide us with some stand-up fireworks.

Mousasi takes the center of the cage and starts stalking his opponent down, easing in step by step into punching range. Santos is coiled like a snake ready to lash out though, and with some combos lets Mousasi know he better be careful. Twice Santos tags him with a left, but Mousasi says “screw it” and just wades in flurrying. This withers the Brazilian, and when he crumbles to the canvas Mousasi is all over him with some nasty jiu-jitsu. After eating a bunch of fists Santos eventually scrambles up to his feet – at which point, Mousasi clocks him in the face and sends him stunned back to the canvas. A few more knuckle sandwiches and referee Marc Goddard jumps in.


Result: Gegard Mousasi def. Thiago Santos via KO (Punch) at 4:32, R1