Thank God the UFC had the foresight to book WWE star Brock Lesnar to this huge card, because when Jon Jones crapped out, who was going to be the star? But we’ve got Lesnar, returning to the cage after years of fake fighting, and we’ve got Mark Hunt greeting him with his ham-fisted style of lovin’. Boom.

For a full minute and a half these two behemoths circle each other, wary of the other’s specialty. But after throwing a couple leg-kicks, Lesnar charges and gets Hunt down – despite Hunt very egregiously grabbing the fence. Hunt manages to get back to his feet but gets taken down again, and again, and Lesnar pounds away until the horn.

All of the second round is spent on the feet, with Hunt walking the wrestler down and pawing at him. Lesnar shoots a few times, and they’re all stuffed, and the round ends with Lesnar pressing Hunt against the fence.

Lesnar secures the takedown and gets on top 45 seconds into the third, and Hunt is in a world of hurt with the big man feeding him leather. The only thing Hunt does to counter any of the punishment is get Lesnar into his half-guard. Otherwise, it’s all Lesnar, who cruises his way to a decision.


Result: Brock Lesnar def. Mark Hunt via Unanimous Decision