Jon Jones is rematching with Daniel Cormier on Saturday at UFC 200, and though Cormier may hold the belt, it’s hard to forget what a dominant force in the Octagon Jones usually is. After all, the only loss on his record is a disqualification against Matt Hamill, who he was absolutely slaughtering but mistakenly dropped some illegal elbows and, well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

But there’s another bout that Jones came perilously close to losing, and believe it or not, it was against Chael Sonnen.

Sure, when they clashed at UFC 159, Jones beat the hell out of him and stopped him via TKO. But if that stoppage didn’t come before the end of the round, it’s possible Jones would’ve have been able to continue.

You see, in out-wrestling the wrestler, Jones stepped wrong and inadvertently broke his own toe. Badly. Like, super-awful, ultra-gnarly bad. And it’s likely that the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board physicians would’ve taken one look at that toe and said, “No way, Jose. You’re done.”

The fight is below. Watch it and keep in mind that if Sonnen had survived the round, he would’ve won via doctor stoppage. Crazy, huh?