When they first clash a few years ago, it wasn’t even that competitive. Luke Rockhold stunned Michael Bisping on the feet, then finished him with a choke. But thanks to Chris Weidman getting injured, they’re fighting again – and this time Rockhold has the belt and Bisping is finally getting his title shot. So how’s this one going to go?

Possessing all the confidence in the world, Rockhold strides forward without any concern over what the Brit brings into the cage. But Bisping has nothing to lose and everything to gain, and that empowers him. In the face of Rockhold’s deadly kicks, Bisping throws punches. In the face of Rockhold’s aggression, Bisping throws punches.

And when Rockhold is moving forward in the latter half of the round, Bisping throws a left that clips Rockhold and sends him tumbling. In a split second Bisping is swarming him, knocking his head against the cage with rapid-fire punches and then it’s all over. Rockhold is out and Bisping is champ.


Result: Michael Bisping def. Luke Rockhold via KO (Punches) at 3:36, R1