The light-heavyweights are up next, with undefeated fighters Jonathan Wilson and Luis Henrique da Silva taking to the cage.

For some reason Wilson hates Henrique da Silva’s body, because he comes out repeatedly digging into it with hooks. The Brazilian counters with clinchwork and knees, but that only prompts Wilson to aim for the head. Much like in the opening fight, these two have no problem beating the hell out of each other, and the horn sounds with neither man content to sit back and relax while the other still stands.

The American is a step slower in the second – no doubt he’s a bit tired – so in between eating knuckles and moving his head from side to side, he goes for some takedowns. He’s unsuccessful at those, but when he strings together a combo that sends a stunned Henrique da Silva to the canvas, he has the perfect opportunity to finish the bout. He doesn’t though, and soon the Brazilian sweeps him, secures mount, and pounds him out.


Result: Luis Henrique da Silva def. Jonathan Wilson via TKO (Punches) at 4:11, R2