The second fight of the evening pits TUF vet Kevin Casey, a jiu-jitsu specialist, against WSOF vet Elvis Mutapcic. Casey’s last win came nearly a year ago, so the big question here is if he can finally get another “W” in the Octagon.

Casey’s been working on his Muay Thai skills, as evidenced by variety of kicks he throws in the opening round. But two minutes in he bull-rushes Mutapcic and gets a takedown, and starts working a slow and methodical top game that involves guard passing in tiny increments and occasional punches. In the final minute Casey passes fully and tries to slide into mount, which gives Mutapcic the chance to scramble back to his feet. The horn sounds with them throwing leather half-heartedly.

Mutapcic opens up a bit more with his short punches from the clinch and jumping knees in the second round, and it’s clear Casey’s out of his league in the striking department. But again he drives forward, and when Mutapcic falls back Casey lands directly in mount. Unfortunately for Casey, his total lack of urgency on the ground does him no favors when he fails to inflict any real damage while on top, and soon Mutapcic is once more scrambling to his feet and peppering him with blows from the clinch.

Round 3 sees an exhausted Casey playing the role of punching bag to a fresher Mutapcic – the latter fighter throwing elbows and knees from the clinch and pretty much doing whatever he wants. Casey doesn’t do much, other than walk backwards and huff and puff, and with half a minute left he fails a takedown attempt and winds up mounted. The horn sounds with Mutapcic urgently dropping leather.


Result: Kevin Casey and Elvis Mutapcic fought to a Split Draw