Jessica Penne was one of the best in the world when the strawweight division first came to the UFC, but some Polish girl kicked the crap out of her, and now she’s looking to return to action against Brazilian Jessica Andrade.

Though shorter and lacking the range on her limbs, Andrade wastes no time backing Penne against the cage and battering the bejeesus out of her with flurries of fists. Over and over again Penne tries to cover up and clinch and push her away, and over and over again Andrade backs her up and unloads. Maybe Penne’s plan is to have her foe punch herself out, but damn, she’s not going to last long taking this punishment, and when the horn sounds she’s actually falling to her back under a storm of leather.

Penne comes out in Round 2 looking to keep Andrade at the end of her jab, but at this point the Brazilian doesn’t respect it, and soon she’s in pursuit again, and the American is eating punches like they’re part of her diet. It doesn’t take long for referee Jason Herzog to lean in and shout for Penne to move, and when Penne doesn’t and just stands there covering up, the TKO mercifully comes.


Result: Jessica Andrade def. Jessica Penne via TKO (Punches) at 2:56, R2