Welcome to CagedInsider’s UFC 199 coverage, which will include a terse play-by-play and – when it comes to Michael Bisping’s shot at the belt against Luke Rockhold – so much snark you’re going to die.

First up are the Fight Pass prelims, which kick off with South Korean native and judo black belt Dong Hyun Kim (a.k.a. “Maestro”, not the “Stun Gun”, who is another dude named Dong Hyun Kim) taking on TUF Latam vet Polo Reyes.

Both Kim and Reyes come out eager to throw monstrous leather, and for the first minute and a half that’s exactly what they do, winging bolos as they stand right in front of each other and knock each other’s heads back. Kim succeeds in wobbling his foe, but Reyes blasts him with an elbow and the South Korean is suddenly on jelly legs. Reyes drops him with a knee to the dome, but it’s a few scant seconds before Kim recovers, and then they’re back on their feet swinging. This time it’s Kim he does most of the damage, and when Reyes is sufficiently rocked, Kim puts his judo to good use by securing a takedown. They end the round trading some more.

Kim is a swollen mess at the start of the second, but he’s still eager to inflict damage, so he and Reyes pick up where they left off. Reyes adds more elbows, some spinning kicks and a bunch of body blows into his offensive output, and yet, after utterly battering Kim, the South Korean somehow turns up the heat with his endless punches to the face, and Reyes is stumbling around the cage. But the momentum shifts on a dime when Reyes lands a combo, and then it shifts again when Kim recovers to dish it right back. This fight is crazy!

Round 3 starts off just like the previous two, with the duo walking forward and throwing strikes with reckless abandon. But Reyes’ finally times a right hand perfectly, and it catch Kim on the chin and sends him falling to the canvas. Kim is left staring up at the lights, and that’s all she wrote.


Result: Polo Reyes def. Dong Hyun Kim via KO (Punches) at 1:52, R3