Dominick Cruz is champ, and he doesn’t like Urijah Faber. Urijah Faber isn’t champ, has never been champ, and he doesn’t like Cruz, so they’re fighting.

That’s pretty much all the logic you need to justify this rubber match.

As usual, Cruz is dancing around like crazy, and utilizes that insane movement to snag a takedown on Faber in the opening 30 seconds. It takes some work, but Faber works back to his feet and then must deal with Cruz trying to take his back. He escapes, hoists Cruz into the air and throws him, and the champ scrambles out of trouble and once more they’re on their feet. The “California Kid” rushes in and clocks Cruz in the face, and the round ends with the champ bleeding slightly near his eye.

Within the first 40 second of the second, Cruz lands a huge left and Faber falls to his butt, and when he stands he’s still dazed and much easier to hit. Cruz is patient though, and keeps chipping away with punishing kicks and jabs. Faber survives to the horn, but the challenger definitely loses the round.

Faber’s timing is an utter mess in Round 3 – due in no small part to Cruz moving in the most unpredictable way possible, punching him repeatedly, and making him look like a fool. Cruz, meanwhile, just keeps landing punches and racking up points, and a frustrated Faber pushes him after the horn sounds.

Round 4 sees more of the same, with Cruz catching Faber with right hand and making Faber cower for a few second until he can recover.

They grapple for brief flashes in the fifth round, but it’s all Cruz there too, so the decision is a no-brainer.


Result: Dominick Cruz def. Urijah Faber via Unanimous Decision