For some reason, senior citizen Dan Henderson is still hobbling into the cage to wing punches and look old. But I guess that’s the life of a fighter with no pension plan, right? Anyway, tonight “Hendo” will be facing the big ball of muscle known as Hector Lombard, so here goes nothing.

Lombard inches his way in, trying to avoid his opponent’s one big punch while trying to land a fistful of dynamite himself. It’s in this fashion that he stalks Henderson around the cage for the first half of Round 1, and then he gets rocked hard and pandemonium ensues. When Henderson starts swinging for the finish, Lombard clips him, the former Cuban Olympic judoka throws the American down and hunts for an armlock from side-control. Henderson scrambles and escapes, and then they’re trading again and Hendo is catching the worst of it. The horn sounds with Lombard in Henderson’s guard – somehow this fight is going to the second round.

Henderson comes out throwing sloppy low-kicks to set up his monster right hand… and then, the miracle of all miracles, Henderson lands a high-kick to the head and back-elbow follow-up that puts Lombard out. WHAT THE HELL.


Result: Dan Henderson def. Hector Lombard via KO (Kick and Elbow) at 1:27, R2