Considering that he’s been fighting in the UFC since the early 1970s, it’s really amazing that Clay Guida is still getting booked for fights. But lo and behold, here were are, in the “main event” of the UFC 199 prelims on FOX Sports 1, watching Guida taking on up-and-comer Brian Ortega.

As usual, Guida is a whirling dervish of movement, clocking Ortega a couple times with overhand rights that come off of about six different changes of direction. Only when he slows a bit after three minutes have elapsed does Guida provide a stationary enough target to be hit, which Ortega does with his jab. The horn sounds with neither man hurt or dinged up, so the game of attrition is on.

Guida’s mileage starts to show in the second, with his pace and movement slowing and Ortega able to land more with his jab and his kicks. More than once Guida changes levels and shoots in for a takedown, but Ortega is too much like a brick wall, and the veteran backs out quickly. The round ends with Ortega possibly taking the frame thanks to his success on the feet.

Ortega’s timing is on point in the third, as every time Guida bounces in the young buck has either a jab or backfist in his face. He even lands a spinning back-kick – a huge testament to how much Guida has slowed down. In the final minute the duo trade furiously, and in the waning seconds Ortega delivers a knee to the dome that puts Guida out to the point where Guida tries to attack referee Herb Dean. Yowsa.


Result: Brian Ortega def. Clay Guida via TKO (Knee) at 4:40, R3