B. J. Penn was supposed to be fighting Cole Miller tonight, but the USADA had other ideas, so Alex Caceres has stepped in on short notice, and here we are.k

Despite only taking this fight ten days ago, Caceres acquits himself well in the opening seconds, dropping Miller with a cross. But Miller recovers quickly and commences dragging “Bruce Leroy” to the ground to drown him in jiu-jitsu. It ain’t no thang for Caceres, who avoids getting mounted and back-mounted, and at the first chance he gets he stands and beckons his foe to join him. Miller does, and is rewarded by being out-struck in ridiculous fashion. Twice Caceres takes him down, pounds on him and disengages, and when the horn sounds you have to marvel at how prepared Caceres looks.

Miller is all grit and toughness as usual, but Caceres resumes outclassing him like crazy in the striking department in Round 2. Whenever Miller gets too close, Caceres simply throws him down and walks away, and whenever Caceres lands more than one punch at a time, Miller covers and cowers like a rank amateur.

Round 3 has Caceres looking better than he’s ever seemed in the Octagon. Firing off a double jumping knee and transitioning into another throw, he’s in charge in a big way. But Miller isn’t done by any means, and in one sequence he scores a takedown, snags back-mount, and extends Caceres’ arm in a perilous armbar. Bruce Leroy manages to escape though, but Miller gets him down and takes his back yet again, and time runs out with Miller in mount and Caceres trying to survive.


Result: Alex Caceres def. Cole Miller via Unanimous Decision