Though his knees might be made of jelly, the sheer will possessed by Dominick Cruz is pure iron.

He was champ back in 2011 and was seemingly unbeatable, but crippling injury put him on ice for years at a time. Literally.

When he finally did return, he challenged TJ Dillashaw for the belt, and actually won – after all the knee surgeries and reconstruction and voodoo, he was still the best. That right there is amazing.

Cruz gets to rematch with Urijah Faber in the co-main event of UFC 199, and while Faber did once beat Cruz back in the day, the champ has since redeemed himself while Faber has steadily declined. It’s hard not to think of UFC 199’s fight as anything but a softball for Cruz. But whatever, we get to see him fight, so that’s cool.

Below is Cruz retaking the belt from Dillashaw. Watch and marvel at the timeless warrior.