Maybe he’ll get slaughtered again, maybe he won’t, but the fact of the matter is that Michael Bisping is getting a shot at the belt – finally – and he’s rematching Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 in the process.

How we got here is the usually convoluted mess of kismet and fate. Rockhold beat Chris Weidman, the duo was going to do the dance again, and when Weidman bowed out due to injury, Bisping was the only suitable candidate ready, willing and able to take the match-up on such short notice.

Does Bisping deserve this fight? Sure, why not? He was a TUF winner from the early days, has beaten more people in the Octagon than he’s lost to, and though he generally falls short against the elite, he’s racked up some recent wins (including one over Anderson Silva). If anyone deserves to be a late-replacement in such a high-magnitude fight, it’s him.

Here’s the UFC’s extended preview video on the bout. Watch and appreciate all that Bisping has done to get here.