Next up are the welterweights, with jiu-jitsu black belt Luan Chagas taking on jiu-jitsu champ Sergio Moraes.

Chagas has got a karate background to go with his grappling, so he starts off trying to pick at Moraes with sloppy punches and colorful kicks. Moraes more or less just shells up and absorbs them – he’s the salty veteran in this match-up, and can likely sense Chagas will tire himself out. That ends up being a pretty crappy strategy, because after three and a half minutes, Chagas lands a roundhouse kick that could’ve been in a karate textbook, and Moraes goes down. Moraes survives, gets dropped again with a punch, and the horn sounds.

Apparently Chagas gets paid by the kick, ’cause he begins Round 2 throwing tons of them. Moraes returns fire with windmill punches that have zero technique. Since he took this fight on just two weeks notice, Chagas starts to gas hard, and in response to his opponent’s punches he just ducks his head – thereby prompting Moraes to go for a jumping guillotine. The ref stands them up for inactivity after a while, and the round ends with a ridiculous scramble that has Chagas in back-mount for half a second, mount for another half second, and then Moraes on top.

Chagas has nothing in his gas tank in the third, and while he’s moving underwater, Moraes is taking him down and going to work within his guard. What follows is a less-than-interesting jiu-jitsu match that sees Moraes maintain control for most of it.


Result: Sergio Moraes vs. Luan Chagas – DRAW