Bryan Barberena didn’t do what he was supposed to do in his last UFC fight – which was lose to Sage Northcutt – so his punishment is to take on undefeated TUF Brasil 3 winner Warlley Alves. Heh.

Alves immediately catches a kick and puts his foe off balance, and when Barberena lowers his head to regain himself the Brazilian jumps into a guillotine attempt. Barberena defends and escapes, and then they battle on the feet – Alves punching and clinching, Barberena feeding him forearms and kicking out his lead leg.

The Brazilian is strong in the opening half of the second round, peppering Barberena’s body with kicks and winning the boxing exchanges. He fades though, and in the latter half of the round Barberena really punishes him with forearms, elbows, kicks – and when Alves slows to a standstill and is huffing and puffing – with punches to the head.

They’re so exhausted in the final round that they eschew moving their heads out of the way of punches and just batter each other. Back and forth, back and forth they go, and then comes the horn.


Result: Bryan Barberena def. Warlley Alves by Unanimous Decision