Some fighters are such a natural talent, they’re a joy to watch in the cage. Others need inordinate amounts of chemicals to turn them into more-than-human uber-athletes. Vitor Belfort is one of the latter.

Take, for instance, his fight against Michael Bisping in Brazil a couple years back. Since drug testing in Brazil has always been shady at best, we got some amazing performances out of Belfort, and his supernatural destruction of the brash Brit ranks up there on the list of “Things Humans Shouldn’t Be Able To Do.”

In less than two weeks, the UFC will have an epic pay-per-view event in Brazil, and in the co-main Belfort will be taking on Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. Will our “hero” have the SuperSoldier Serum coursing through his veins? It’s hard to say – this being the age of USADA scrutiny and all – but it is Brazil, so who knows?

Here’s Belfort’s fight against Bisping. Watch and be amazed.