Remember when the heavyweight division was the marquee weight class for the sport? We were thrilled over the action the big boys provided us, and they got all the accolades while the smaller guys wallowed in obscurity.

But now there are women’s division taking up some of the limelight, and lighter-weight fighters garnering far more attention than men nearly twice their size did. Is it because there are no more heavyweight stars?

I’d say no, because we still care somewhat about who holds the belt (Fabricio Werdum), and we’re still intrigued over who will drop the thunder on whom.

Really, if you want to pin the blame on the waning interest of the heavyweight division on someone, it should be Cain Velasquez. During his reign as champ, he was injured – and therefore out of rotation – more often than not. The weight class needed a star, and as champ he was supposed to be it. But you can’t shine from the bench…

…Anyway, Werdum defends his belt at UFC 198 against Stipe Miocic, so here’s Werdum in action, snatching the title from Velasquez.