Apparently coming from Dana White’s “Looking for a Fight” TV show is a thing now, because that’s the first little tidbit the announcers give us when they introduce Cody East. Okay then. His opponent is Walt Harris, who’s got Octagon experience, but he didn’t appear on no TV show so whatever, he’s toast.

They start off exchanging kicks from outside and staying mobile. When they add fists into the mix, East’s punches are crisper and tighter, although it’s clear both men are wary of getting knocked out. All of that caution goes out the window at the two-minute mark, and it starts with a ridiculous gunfight when Harris has his back against the cage. Standing about three feet away, East unloads and swings for the fences; Harris does the same.

East steps back and resets himself, and then they re-engage – only this time Harris lands a left and East goes down. Harris follows him and throws big punches, and though East tries to defend at first, more and more punches get through. The ref jumps in after he’s seen enough of East getting smashed.


Result: Walt Harris def. Cody East via TKO (Punches) at 4:18, R1