And now it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the return of the former light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones, who only lost his belt and went on hiatus because he’s an idiot when he drives a car. Opponent Ovince St. Preux is a late-replacement and likely just a warm body, so let’s sit back and watch what magic Jones has in store.

The first round begins with Jones firing off kicks – first come the oblique kicks to hyperextend OSP’s knee, then come the spinning kicks. St. Preux doesn’t take much damage from them, but he’s constantly moving and not really initiating much offense. He’s cautious, as he should be, but caution isn’t going to win any fights.

Jones catches OSP’s kick and holds onto it in the opening of Round 2, and St. Preux takes the opportunity to deliver a stream of short punches to the former champ’s face. Jones lets go and returns the favor, and then he resumes stalking OSP around the cage and chipping away at him with kicks. Three times St. Preux lands a right hand that stops Jones in his tracks, but in terms of scoring, Jones’ kicks are doing their work, and OSP’s cardio is fading.

A tiring St. Preux is starting to struggle in Round 3, which translates into him landing single punches and not being able to follow up. Meanwhile, Jones keeps kicking at his legs and body, racking up points.

Jones starts off Round 4 by clinching, lifting his foe up, and throwing him to the canvas. St. Preux scrambles up instantly, but in the latter half of the round Jones gets another takedown and then another, and from top position the former champ drops nasty punches and elbows that has OSP barely survives. He is saved by the bell.

It is surely to St. Preux’s credit that he’s survived into the fifth round, but he’s exhausted and doesn’t have the steam to do much more than try not to die. Jones, on the other hand, still has gas, and he uses it to hoist OSP up and slam him hard to the canvas. Oddly, Jones lets him up, and the clock runs out with the two on the feet and Jones unable to get the finish he wanted.


Result: Jon Jones def. Ovince St. Preux via Unanimous Decision