The first bout of the FOX Sports 1 prelims has James Vick taking on Glaico Franca, who just won TUF Brasil 4. Does that even mean anything nowadays? It doesn’t mean much to win a regular TUF – I’m guessing winning one of the TUF offshoots is worth less than being scouted by Dana White on “Looking for a Fight”.

Anyway, Round 1 sees the Brazilian get right up in Vick’s face, crack him once, and take him down. It takes about a minute for Vick to put his back to the cage and wall-walk up, and it takes about another ten seconds for Franca to take him down again. The American has a very active guard, and eventually makes it back to his feet – no doubt aided by the fact that Franca is wholly focused in grappling and throws not a single strike. Vick makes the most of his time upright by beating up his opponent with punches to the head and body, and the round ends with Franca taking him down.

Before Round 2 even begins Franca is requesting a cageside doctor to take a look at his eye (apparently Vick had accidentally gouged him in the previous round), and once the doctor clears him and referee Miragliotta has them fighting, Vick is beating him up with his boxing. The Brazilian gets one takedown and a brief respite, but otherwise a stationary Franca is Vick’s speedbag for the duration of the round.

Vick continues to box Franca into a living death in Round 3. A desperate Franca chases after him, and other than a few leg-kicks and a lone right hands, he hits only air. The round ends with Vick having hit his opponent with nearly every strike in the book, and Franca desperately needing to check that book out of the library and study it.


Result: James Vick def. Glaico Franca via Unanimous Decision