It’s time for Swedish powerhouse Ilir Latifi and Long Island native Gian Villante to mix it up.

The bout opens with Villante firing off some hard kicks, which prompts Latifi to seek the tie-up. The American shrugs him off, but a pattern emerges: Whenever Villante gets comfortable swinging that big leg, Latifi either tries to catch it, tries to take his head off with a punch, and most definitely tries to press him against the cage. The Swede isn’t successful getting him down once throughout the first round, but he does land some good punches.

In the second Latifi catches a kick, and when Villante tries to scramble away the Swede suplexes him and takes his back. The advantage doesn’t last long though, and once Villante gets back to his feet they continue the routine they set forth in the first. With 15 seconds left Latifi hoists him up and throws him down – which is probably enough to give him the round.

Whatever designs Villante had on winning the fight have evaporated by Round 3, because all he does is walk forward and react to his opponent. Latifi scores with a takedown, and wobbles the American with a couple of monster left hands, and it’s just about a given that when time runs out the judges will give it to the Swede.


Result: Ilir Latifi def. Gian Villante via Unanimous Decision