Tom Lawlor’s best work is done during the weigh-ins. In the past, he’s dressed up and acted like Dan Severn, as well as an old failed pro wrestler called “the Shock Master”. For UFC 196, he printed out a copy of Conor McGregor’s tattoo and pasted it to his chest, and pretended to be him. Anyway, for this main card bout he’s taking on Corey Anderson.

Despite a five-inch reach advantage, Anderson is rocked by Lawlor’s punches 30 seconds into the first round, and it takes a lot of wobbling around on shaky legs before he recovers. The rest of the period sees the two trading cautiously, and with some kicks at range, Anderson gains some momentum.

Round 2 opens with Lawlor catching a kick and putting Anderson on his butt, and though Anderson scrambles back up, he knows he’s got no easy avenues to success. They return to the cautious-yet-violent boxing match, and Lawlor seems to have no fear of stepping in and swinging when he sees an opening. The two flurry hard in the final 20 seconds, and both men are pretty banged up by the time the horn sounds.

Anderson does a complete 180 in Round 3 and shoots for – and gets – a double-leg takedown. From top position he makes Lawlor carry his weight, and he’s there for about three minutes until referee John McCarthy stands them up. The final minute has Lawlor too exhausted to do anything but avoid getting KO’d, and time expires.


Result: Corey Anderson def. Tom Lawlor via Unanimous Decision