Five hundred years from now, when aliens are scouring over the wreckage of Earth’s long-dead civilizations, they’ll come upon a collection of videos, and – with their intergalactic Ipads – they’ll watch with rapt attention at the spectacle that is mixed martial arts.

Odds are, if they watch the sage of women’s cagefighting in its entirety, they’re going to jump up and down with glee when they see Holly Holm dethrone the great Ronda Rousey, just like we did. After all, wasn’t Holm supposed to get beaten with ease, and cocky Rousey was to have gone on to the next challenger with nary a kind word or hint of respect? Well, everyone loves a good comeuppance (aliens included, probably), so UFC 193 will remain forever etched in history as the perfect example of that happening in combat.

In preparation for UFC 196, which will see Holm defend her belt against Miesha Tate, the UFC has released the Holm vs. Rousey fight, so take a gander at it below and relive Holm’s star performance. And it’s okay to jump up and down and cheer at the knockout – those aliens are going to be doing it, so you might as well, too.