It’s a sad fact of life that it’s now 2016 and we still have to deal with judges who think top position in a fight is worth more than perilously close submission attempts.

The latest example of this problem: Michinori Tanaka versus Joe Soto, which took pass on the Fight Pass prelims of UFC 195.

For three rounds Tanaka (who trains out of a Japanese Team Alpha Male outpost) took Soto down, yet found himself struggling for his life due to a┬ákiller omoplata/gogoplata combo and some guillotines that would’ve tapped out lesser men. And the final round saw an exhausted Tanaka get handled on the feet and on the ground, and nearly fall prey to a choke at the buzzer.

Still, because he was on top, the Japanese fighter got the split decision victory from the judges.

The real tragedy in all this is of course the “L” on Soto’s record, which is his third in the Octagon in as many outings.