It was supposed to be a main event at a Fight Night, but injury forced the rescheduling to a Fight Pass prelim at UFC 195. Dustin Poirier versus Joe Duffy was an instant classic, though – these guys beat the hell out of each other!

The opening frame had both men showcasing their respective boxing skills. For Poirier, it’s a rapid-fire in-close game that has him attacking with a multitude of different punches; for Duffy, it’s a hands-down style that has his punches coming from a variety of angles. By the end of the round, Poirier’s nose was a faucet and Duffy’s left eye was quickly swelling shut.

The Octagon veteran changed tactics after that, opting instead to take Duffy down and pound on him. He found great success with that tactic, and all the while kept bleeding all over the Irishman from above.

Rounds 2 and 3 played out like that, with Duffy threatening with a heelhook at one point and, after a referee standup, scoring some more on the feet. However, when time expired, it was a clear-cut decision for Poirier.