At first, it looked as if TUF winner Diego Brandao was going to maul Brian Ortega.

In their scrap on the UFC 195 main card, Brandao came out displaying about ten times more power and ten times more speed when it came to, well, everything. His kicks were so hard, they nearly had Ortega collapsing. His punches were so fast, he banged Ortega in the dome almost at will. And Brandao dictated wherever the fight went, often gesturing for Ortega to stand when he fell to the ground.

Brandao slowed considerably in Round 2, but whatever lost miles there were between the two men, Ortega didn’t really do anything to make up for it.

Then came Round 3, when in one fluid sequence Ortega went for a guillotine, transitioned to an Anaconda, moved into mount, threatened with a mounted guillotine, and when the Brazilian rolled him, he slapped on a triangle. Brandao tapped out at 1:37 of the round.

Wow. Just wow. That was some damn good jiu-jitsu.