Let’s face it: everyone loves Andrei Arlovski.

When he was UFC champ back in the day, he was popular as hell, despite having utterly crappy English. And when he lost his way out of the Octagon and into bouts in Affliction and EliteXC, his appearance would garner hella cheers.

That love that he gets is probably why we’re so thrilled by his late-career resurgence. I mean, seriously, he was completely written off (by me, by you) long ago, so for him to have fought his way back into the UFC and into relevancy, well, that’s pretty amazing.

Arlovski has the co-main event slot at Saturday night’s UFC 195, opposite Stipe Miocic. While he looked like crap against Frank Mir in his last outing, you have to think a win here brings him somewhere close to a title shot.

Here’s another golden Arlovski moment, which is his fight against “Bigfoot” Silva.