Everyone loves a good comeback story, and man, does Andrei Arlovski have a good one.

Ten years ago he was the UFC’s heavyweight champ, and he was a badass. But eventually his chin began to fail him, and the string of losses had fans of the popular fighter trade in their faith for the resolute knowledge that he was done. Soon, the Belarussian was gone from the Octagon, and wandering the wilds of non-UFC life.

But somehow Arlovski recovered some of his old resilience, and his current six-fight win streak has him back in the UFC and back in the minds of those who loved him. Could he be soon fighting again for the belt?

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I do know he’s taking on stalwart Stipe Miocic on Saturday at UFC 195, and that’ll do for me.

Here’s the UFC’s countdown video featuring “the Pitbull”.