UFC 194 on December 14 will cap off three days of UFC events in Las Vegas, and the main event – featuring featherweight king Jose Aldo versus interim champ Conor McGregor – has been garnering all the attention. But the co-main event on that night is pretty kickass as well, especially since it will see THE TWO BEST MIDDLEWEIGHTS IN THE WORLD in action.

That’s right, I’m talking about champ Chris Weidman versus challenger Luke Rockhold.

Lest ye hath forgotten, Monsieur Weidman is the man who didn’t just defeat Anderson Silva when no one else could, he utterly destroyed the Brazilian’s unbeatable aura.

That’s a big deal.

And while, yeah, Rockhold is a pretty tough dude who’s been putting away 185-pounders left and right, it’s safe to say that there are no destroyed legends on Rockhold’s resume.

Here’s a reminder of what Weidman is capable of.