Mark Hunt, the beloved Kiwi face-puncher, will never be a UFC champ. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t an ace at dishing out beatings, and he sure is fun to watch.

At UFC 193 on November 15, Hunt will get to fight close to home (in Australia – look at a map, it’s not far from New Zealand), and he’ll get to have a rematch against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. It’s worth noting that their first fight ended up in a majority draw.

It’s also worth noting that that bout was so knockdown-drag-out thrilling, it earned “Fight of the Night”.

Another thing worth noting: Bigfoot got popped for elevated testosterone in his postfight drug test.

So yeah, it should be an interesting rematch at UFC 193.

Aynway, here’s Hunt in action against Cheick Kongo.