Typically, the preliminary bouts that air on Fight Pass are throwaways, meaning they often feature fighters of no importance waging wars that have no impact on the grand scheme of things. And that’s fine. Because we watch for the violence, and the fighters – if they care enough – are there to give it to us.

Well, they cared enough at tonight’s UFC 193 Fight Pass prelims.

James Moontasri and Anton Zafir gave us the best of it, scrapping for most of Round 1. It all came to an abrupt halt when Moontasri landed a spinning kick to Zafir’s body, then twirled the other direction and nailed a spinning backfist. Zafir was a heap on the canvas at 4:36 of the frame.

Local favorite Daniel Kelly, who sports a judo background and a ton of grit, absolutely battered American Top Team exponent Steve Montgomery. It was grueling, it was less than pretty, but he continually managed to get the American down and stay on top. Kelly took the unanimous decision when time ran out.

Ben Nguyen chewed up Ryan Benoit and spit him out like yesterday’s gum. Benoit got utterly steamrolled, with Nguyen taking him down right into mount and tapping him with a rear naked choke at 2:35 of Round 1.

Richard Walsh and Steven Kennedy mixed it up in a bout that was certainly not anything to write home about. Kennedy looked awkward on the feet, absorbed a ton of punishment, but hung in there. Walsh took the unanimous decision.

Stay tuned for more results from UFC 193.