On the other side of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night installment is a pay-per-view – UFC 192 to be exact – and when it hits the airwaves next Saturday, it will see light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier take on Alexander Gustaffson.

Yes, it is only by the grace of the Drug Abuse Gods that Cormier is champ, because not long before he assumed the mantle of top 205-pound dog, Jon Jones was kicking his butt in the cage. But Jones could stop himself from ruining his career, and when he was stripped of the belt, Cormier and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson duked it out.

The video of that fight is below. When you watch it, please remember that, other than the defeat at the hands of Jones, Cormier was pretty much an unstoppable force in the Octagon. In other words, he ain’t no slouch.