His title reign was brief, but Johny Hendricks is still one of the best in the welterweight division – a reputation he earned by beating dudes senseless with great brutality. UFC 192, which comes to us next weekend (this coming weekend has a Fight Night from Japan on deck), will feature Hendricks and Tyron Woodley in the co-main event.

Yes, there will be violence.

Yes, there will be action.

And given that the talent pool of the UFC’s 170-pounders is a constant swirling mass of killers, each of whom could conceivably fight for and win the belt on any particular night, it’s not outside the realm of┬ápossibility that either Hendricks or Woodley could come away from UFC 192 with “top contender” status.

Here’s a video of one of the bouts that established Hendricks as a badass killer. Watch and enjoy.