Of all the UFC’s champs, flyweight king Demetrious Johnson is probably the most well-rounded and explosive. Sadly, he’s also the one who moves the needle least, which sucks because he’s headlining UFC 191 this coming weekend opposite challenger John Dodson, and outside of Johnson’s own family, no one cares!

But I care, and not just because I’m paid to care. No, it’s because he’s a true talent in the sport, and like all true talents, he deserves at least a modicum of respect and attention. I mean, the man is the best 125-pound fighter in the world, and there’s likely no one out there who will beat him at that weight class (Dodson included). Doesn’t that warrant some love?

Anyway, here’s the UFC’s Countdown video on Johnson and Dodson. Watch it. Maybe you too will gain some more respect for them and their impending fight.