In the improbable world of UFC contenders, it’s 2015 and former champs Frank Mir and Andrei Arlovski could conceivably fight for a title again. Crazy, right? I mean Mir and Arlovski were champs back when Dana White had hair.

But here we are, with UFC 191 coming in September and in the co-main event are none other than Mir and Arlovski.

Anyhoo, UFC 48 was when Mir won the belt the first time, and I happened to be covering this event from cageside. Mir was a young up-and-comer then, and he was putting dudes away – and hurting them badly – with a special kind of quickness. Tim Sylvia, meanwhile, was… Tim Sylvia, which is to say, the outcome of this fight was a pleasing for many.

Watch and enjoy.