Poor Demetrious Johnson. As the UFC first and only flyweight champ, he’s cleaned out the division, but he doesn’t have the benefit of being a chick (like Ronda Rousey) so it’s not that big of a deal. He also doesn’t have a perfectly loud-mouthed foil to build hype for him (like Conor McGregor had done for Jose Aldo). So here we are, stuck with a champ that’s fantastic in the cage, but no one wants to watch him.

Well, September’s UFC 191 will see “Mighty Mouse” defend his belt yet again, this time against someone who’s already challenged him once for it: John Dodson.

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Sure, Dodson is colorful and explosive and hit hard, but Johnson already went five rounds with him back in 2013, and Johnson has only gotten better since then. Meanwhile, neither man is selling the fight at all – and in an era when words are just as important as fists in bringing in eyeballs, that will mean another Johnson-headlined event that no one but the hardcore fans will watch.


Anyway, here’s what happened when Johnson and Dodson fought the first time around.