Andrei Arlovski was once a UFC heavyweight champ. He lost that belt because his jaw somehow turned to glass. And now what makes his fights so thrilling is that we know he’s capable of greatness and we know he’s capable of going to sleep suddenly. Oh the drama!

Take his bout against Travis Browne at UFC 187 for example. Arlovski was freakin’ great with his boxing, banging the hell out of Browne. But then Browne nailed him and wobbled him, and it was like, WOW! THIS FIGHT IS CRAZY!

Arlovski is slated to take on a fellow former UFC champ in Frank Mir at UFC 191. Will Arlovski score a knockout? Will he get knocked out? Who knows, maybe both will happen! Either way, it will be fun – just like Arlovski vs. Browne was fun!