Weight cuts seem to be the hot topic going into tonight’s Silva vs. Diaz card, as UFC President Dana White has already taken action regarding the evident challenge for Kelvin Gastelum and John Lineker to make weight. White was reported as declaring Kelvin to move up to the middleweight division, and Lineker to make the switch to the bantamweight class. Kelvin, who checked in at 180 pounds during Friday’s weigh-ins, allegedly had such a rough time cutting weight during this camp that he was hospitalized yesterday for it. It’s one thing to miss weight once, but to always seem to never be able to quite get a training regimen in place that’s effective,  just doesn’t add up to continue trying to squeeze yourself into a weight division you simply don’t belong in.

Diego Brandao vs. Jim Hettes has been cancelled, pushing the prelims to begin 30 minutes later than scheduled. 

*The live play by play results will be posted below beginning at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time so be sure to hit refresh for the latest!

Andy Enz vs. Thiago Santos

Round One- Enz and Santos are both vicious fighters with heavy hands, and tonight’s bout was certain to be a slug fest! Andy eats a solid jab at the start of the round, followed by a leg kick. Thiago continues to push the pace with a switch kick landing to the body with a few left handed blows to follow. Enz gets in the game by landing a right hand, but it was short lived as Santos fires back with a body kick. Thiago gets Andy on the fence, starts throwing hooks at him right and left, and within seconds Santos gets the win via TKO stoppage at 1:56 in the first round!

Winner- Thiago Santos TKO, Round 1

Richardson Moreira vs. Ildemar Alcantara

Round One- The round begins with an amicable touch of the gloves, then Alcantara moves to the center of the octagon and begins to control the pace. Richardson lunges to open up with a leg kick, then a second kick attempt that Ildemar blocks with ease. Alcantara moves in with a high kick landing on the shoulder of Moreira, but Richardson comes back with a slick combination that lands. It lands so effectively, he receives a competitive smile from Alcantara. Next, Richarsdson gets Ildemar backed up against the cage, attempts a takedown that is blocked, and Alcantara gets a sweep causing Moreira to slip helping him gain a full mount position. Alcantara manages in an elbow strike but in seconds Moreira gets up and now sweeps Ildemar landing on top just before the round ends.

Round Two- As the round starts, Moreira takes to the outside of the cage, with Alcantara starting off with a straight left. He follows up with a kick to the body and moves backwards just in time to duck a combination by Moreira. Richardson now comes at Alcantara with a barrage of punches but is troubled trying to land them as Alcantara is ducking them, then moving straight into the center of the cage. Alcantara lands a high left kick, but it doesn’t seem to attract any damage. Alcantara gets in a jab, then comes in with yet another great combination of blows. While Moreira leans forward to catch his balance, he eats a left kick followed by an attempted takedown that he defends. Moreria goes for a takedown but the round is ending.

Round Three- Alcantara spares no second and takes off at the beginning of the third round with jabs and kicks to Moreira. Richardson gets control of Alcantara, throws him up against the cage and tries his luck with a single leg takedown. It’s defended by Alcantara, and he gains full mount. The referee stands the fighters up, and Moreira lands a crazy overhand right that forces Alcantara to regain his balance. Moreira tries another takedown and lands a jab as he backs away. Moreira lands a right just before the bell rings.

Winner- Ildemar Alcantara  via Split Decision

Rafael Natal vs. Tom Watson

Round One- At the start of the round, Natal lands a few jabs and kicks. Tom begins to toggle between orthodox and southpaw stances, in the meantime Natal catches a leg kick and gets Watson to the ground, it’s short lived though. Watson gets immediately back on his feet, and pushes the pace to Natal landing some low leg kicks. Natal lands more kicks to Watson’s body and Tom waves him on to push the pace of the fight with both fighters smiling at each other. Natal continues chopping at Watson’s legs, and a right cross thrown causes Watson to stumble. Natal gets close with a clinch, taking Tom to the floor. Watson gets back up, but then lands back on the mat with less than a minute left. Natal goes for a triangle on Tom’s legs, but can’t keep him there, but squeezes out a takedown as the bell rings.

Round Two- The second begins with Natal landing a right cross to Watson, defends a kick and lands a jab. He then lands even more leg kicks to Watson’s legs, catching a kick from Tom and putting him back on the ground. Watson wobbly tries to get back up, landing a few very low kicks. Natal catches yet another kick attempt, and Tom continues to throw punches but they are blocked for the most part by Natal. Natal throws more jabs, but still doesn’t appear successful in getting Tom to the ground.

Round Three- Natal lands a right hook seconds after the round starts, while Tom throws punches at Natal’s direction, but none seem to stick. Natal attempts a takedown but Tom defends it. Watson lands a couple of leg kicks, and manages to get struck with a jab. Natal gains control by successfully landing some right hands. Watson is now foggy as a result of a solid jab, followed up by a leg kick to the body by Natal. Natal lands yet another jab to Watson pushing him into the cage, earning a takedown. Just as the bell sounds the end of the round, Tom gets back up but is quickly thrown back on the mat.

Winner: Rafael Natal via Unanimous Decision 

Ian McCall vs. John Lineker

Round One- As this fight begins, they both connect with leg kicks and start throwing punches but nothing terrible damaging results. McCall lands a few kicks, then begins to circle around Lineker. McCall gets John to the mat, but it is John that gets a lock to McCall now in a half guard triangle. McCall lands some ugly punches to the rib section of Lineker, then gets a few more in to John’s face to make matters worse. Lineker is now trying to get control as he has a half gaurd position and is using his feet to walk the cage, but McCall gains side control instead. Lineker attempts a heel hook, but McCall gets out of it as the round ends.

Round Two- The second round sets off with Lineker swinging from the fences, and he successfully lands a left hook to McCall. McCall bounces around using his footwork to gain his balance and goes for a double leg attempt, except Lineker now gets a solid guillotine choke in. It lasts for several seconds before McCall gets back to his feet and fully escapes the attempt. Lineker lands some blows to McCall, and ends the exchange with a hook to the body. McCall throws a very low kick, which the referee questions as a hit to the groin area, but all seems well and the fight continues. John gets another body hit, which then turns into a clashing of their heads which both fighters require a few seconds to shake off. Lineker gains another right hand to McCall’s midsection, and attempts a standing guillotine but is unsuccessful. McCall dodges a crazy uppercut by John, and eats some left hooks.

Round Three- John starts off the third round with a leg kick and a solid left hook. Both fighters are noticeably going at each other in a slower fashion this time, and it is now apparent that John is the aggressor. Ian gets a body kick, followed by a landed kick to the leg, but is short lived as he eats a left hook to the head. Ian continues to take John’s punches while he is backed up against the cage. John is relentless in not allowing him to get away from the cage, and all we see is Ian’s bloody face as he attempts a takedown. John and Ian both continue to swing punches as there are only seconds left in the fight earning body shots for both fighters just as it ends.

Winner- John Lineker via Unanimous Decision 

Derek Brunson vs. Ed Herman

Round One- Derek instantly puts the pressure to Herman with a powerful front kick, then follows through with a solid overhand left which painfully connects to the face of Herman. This has Herman trying to catch his balance as he falls backwards, then totally loses what was left of his standing position as Derek just plunges towards him. Brunson sees no reason not to take advantage of this moment, and it begins hailing punches on Ed. Herman is saved by referee Mark Smith, as he stops the round at just 36 seconds.

Winner: Derek Brunson via TKO

Miesha Tate vs. Sara McMann

Round One- Sara comes in swinging during this round throwing a set of overhand rights to pepper up Tate. Miesha replies with a kick and throws a right. Sara again comes in with a kick and a right hand at Miesha, but this time she connects with Tate’s head right at the temple and causes Tate to stumble. Sara attacks back from Miesha’s half guard and lands a slew of punches. As Miesha is now apparently gaining back her balance from the massive blow she took earlier in the round, but Sara still manages to come at her with elbow strikes. Miesha gains full guard, and begins to go for capturing Sara’s arms. All the while, Sara is landing strikes and is now trying a crucifix. Some elbow strikes continue to fall on Tate, and as the round comes to an end Tate attempts an inverted triangle.

Round Two- During this second round, the pace certainly begins to change. Sara still comes out guns blazing throwing right handed shots, but nothing promising lands on Tate. McMann begins to score points with a right followed up by a left hook, and throws knees at Miesha. Miesha starts to make a comeback with a front push kick connecting with Sara’s body, and in return she eats a right handed punch right in the face. Sara continues to try to push forward on Miesha, but isn’t successful as Tate attacks with lower kicks. Sara lands a right and gets Tate in the clinch by the fence. Now Tate lands a right hook but is taken down by Sara with the help of a double leg. Miesha gains a guillotine as the girls land on the mat in a scuffle, Sara blocks Tate’s mount attempt. Miesha gains top control and gets a few knees in before the bell.

Round Three- In round three it’s anyone’s fight and both ladies know it. Miesha stays busy most of the round, starting with a clinch, then ends up connecting with Sara via shoulder shrug hits to the face. Sara has a half guard position, but it isn’t long before Tate gains side control and begins to shower Sara with tiny elbow shots to the head. Sara moves her legs up attempting to swing them and catch Tate, but isn’t victorious. Tate throws a few additional elbows to McMann’s head, while Sara is now pushing herself into a different position but nothing that gest Tate off of her. As the round concludes, Tate goes in for a kimura attack but the bell rings ending the third and final round.

Winner- Miesha Tate via Majority Decision 

Thiago Alves vs. Jordan Mein

Round One- Jordan may not have as many years in the cage as Alves, but it is crystal clear from the word “go”, that he is a force to be reckoned with. Mein begins his attack in the first with a leg kick, with an overhand right. Thiago counters with a solid jab, but all the while Jordan is pressing Alves up against the cage. Thiago now begins to move the pace, pushing Jordan back and eats a jab in the process. Mein gets a kick in and a right hand then blocks a kick. He forges onward with a left hook that stumbles Alves. Thiago still manages to shake the blows off, but Mein isn’t done yet as he is now attacking the body and face of Alves. Thiago lands a right, but once again Mein counters with a swift uppercut. Alves is now being forced against the cage, and eating elbows badly. Mein slows up his attack as the round comes to an end.

Round Two- Old school Thiago came out in the second round, as he instantly goes for Mein as the round begins. Jordan flips out of being pressed up against the cage by Thiago, but the plan fails and Thiago not only gets Mein to the cage but keeps him there. Alves throws a massive kick that takes the wind out of Jordan’s sails leaving him bent over in pain. Alves seizes the opportunity to win and attacks him with punches until the referee stops the fight.

Winner- Thiago Alves KO (body kick) @ 39 seconds into Round 2

Thales Leites vs. Tim Boetsch

Round One- Leites starts this fight off with a leg kick and tries to secure a clinch, but Boetsch connects with a few left hooks to derail his plan. The fight is now stopped for just a few seconds as Tim was caught with a finger poke to the eye. The men get back to the action with Tim landing a right hook, and Leites counters it with a jumping knee. Both are now tangled up by the cage as Tim lands yet another right hand. Tim throws an uppercut, but nothing truly connects. Leites is still staying active by throwing punches, and lands two hooks. Leites tries to trip Tim, but it’s defended. Leites next touches Tim with an overhand right, but it leaves him open for damage and Tim gets in a few punches hazing Leites.

Round Two- Leg kicks begin round two by Leites, earning a dominant position pressing Tim against the cage and land a few punches. Tim gets in another right hand of the night, and Leites begins to grapple. Tim gets out of the tussle, then gains a clinch position that is only temporary when Leites hits him with a right hook. Additional leg kicks are thrown by Leites, as well as a combination. Tim progresses onward with a cross punch and an uppercut leaving his opponent stunned. Leties gains control of Tim gaining full mount, and puts an arm triangle into position. The two scramble for another thirty seconds until Leties once again earns the top mounted position and inflicts another arm triangle. Boetsch fails to tap, and the fight is stopped in the second round with Tim fast asleep in the submission.

Winner- Thales Leites via Technical Submission @ 3:45 in Round 2

Al Iaquinta vs. Joe Lauzon

Round One- Iaquinta goes in for the single leg twice as the round opens, and Lauzon clips him with a slick combination. Instantly, Al answers the attack with a rough shot to the body. Joe squeezes in another boxing combination this time he appears to have slightly rocked Al. Iaquinta lands a right, tries a kick that is blocked by Joe, and then earns a powerful kick to Joe’s midsection. Al shows his boxing skill set with a faint fake strike that’s followed up with a brief combination. Joe eats a leg kick, the lands a few right hands. Joe then connects with a knee, but Al takes control of him and tosses him to the ground. Joe attempts a guillotine, but is unsuccessful and Iaquinta lands hook and a kick. Joe takes some more quick punches just before the round ends and defends a takedown attempt by Al.

Round Two- Joe comes out looking to control this round, and lands some right handed blows. Al throws a kick that gets blocked, and he also takes a jab but stays on his feet. Al pushes Joe with a front kick, and seems comfortable landing his jab at this point; he has found his rhythm. The theme for the rest of the round is Al landing crazy punches, Joe continuing to not give up trying by barely being able to stand up. Finally, the referee does the right thing and stops Joe from taking any more damages.

Winner- Al Iaquinta via TKO (Punches) @ 3:34 in Round 2

Tyron Woodley vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Round One- The first round proves to be a feeling out process of sorts between these two powerful warriors. Woodley is the first to start any damage by landing a right hand. Tyron again leads with the right earning him a right hook. Kelvin refuses to come up short handed in the round by successfully attacking via leg kick. The round is not what fans were seeking apparently, as they begin to show their displeasure by booing quite a bit.

Round Two- Gastelum slips early in the round and both fighters begin swinging but no dice. Nothing actually lands. There’s a brief finger poke of sorts, Herb Dean intervenes, then they get back to fighting. Kelvin gets some momentum and stars throwing blows landing with a left hook and some leg kicks. Kelvin then eats a jab, and a right hand. He stumbles, and Woodley attacks with a body punch then kicks. Kelvin returns the favor with a kick, and a hook. There’s some more brief contact trying to establish octagon control, but nothing really stellar as the round ends.

Round Three- Kelvin earns a right hook immediately as the round begins, hitting Woodley in the body and in the face. Woodley connects with a right, and gives Kelvin a cut near his eye. It doesn’t seem to stop him though, as Kelvin tags Woodley and gets him right up against the cage. Woodley next lands a knee to the body. They clinch for a short time, and Tyron lands a right hand during the exchange. An uppercut follows in a combination of punches that Kelvin eats. Kelvin works for a clinch, but Tyron proves to be too much and gets out of it.  During the entire fight, fans were clearly not impressed as they most likely expected a KO with Woodley in the cage, so there was a lot of booing. A few hammer fists land on Tyron’s thighs, but the round ends with little climax.

Winner- Tyron Woodley via Split Decision 

Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz

Round One- Oh for the love of Pete; this round opens up super weird. Weird as in the Demian Maia fight weirdness. Nick is talking to Silva, Anderson appears to be trying to remain calm as we all know what could occur should he get too excited and leave his hands down. Nick throws a jab out, then begins to taunt Anderson. Diaz also lands some leg kicks, and an uppercut with a right hand for dessert to Silva. None of which seem to have remotely effected Anderson. Silva dodges a combination initiated by Nick, and returns the taunting back to Diaz. Nick connects with a jab, and inhales a heck of left in return. Anderson gets Nick in his infamous clinch, and hits him with a knee. Anderson is looking more in his zone, and throwing a slew of jabs at Nick. Anderson in a “big brother” fashion grabs Nick by the throat and hits him with a clean right. Diaz throws a few kicks just before the bell rings.

Round Two- This round is mostly Anderson keeping Nick at bay. He is using his one of a kind unpredictable kicks to prevent Nick from getting inside range. Diaz is now sticking his elbow out at Anderson in a strange defensive mechanism. Nick lands a few kicks, Anderson hits him with a jab, and Nick throws a jab as well. Silva hits him with a body shot, and Nick tosses a few hooks in just before the round ends.

Round Three- The rounds opens up with Silva throwing a kick to Nick’s shin. Diaz walks it off, but shows no aggression or offensive moves. Nick throws an overhand right, Silva blocks it with his forearm. Diaz throws a few wild punches but nothing connects. Anderson continues the round with a jumping knee. Nick lands a jab, but Silva counters with leg kicks. A spinning back kick is thrown out by Anderson, but it is not successful. Nick tosses out a right hook, but it too doesn’t land.

Round Four- Round four jumps off with some leg kicks, and a shot to the stomach by Silva. Nick scores a couple of leg kicks after they dance around the cage for a minute. Diaz lands a combination, and Anderson counters with a few jabs. Nick initiates a high kick to Silva but he defends it.

Round Five- Nick decides to resort back to taunting Anderson for the final round, Silva dances around the circumference of the cage and tosses out some kicks. Nick lands a strong right hook, and Anderson gives him an identical one in return. They both exchange leg kicks, before Anderson finalizes the cluster with some punches. An attempted flying knee by Anderson is unsuccessful, but he does hit him with a punch and an elbow in the face. Nick is now cut and bleeding, and Anderson is throwing a jab with less than one minute left in the fight. Diaz throws a kick out, but Anderson is already far away and raising his hands in celebratory fashion.

Winner- Anderson Silva, Unanimous Decision