Things I would do to prepare for a fight: train. Eat right. Work on game plan. Not put myself at unnecessary physical risk.

Things Donald Cerrone does to prepare for a fight: snowmobile altogether way too fast down a snowy trail in the forest.

The latest installment of the UFC’s “Embedded” series is out, and this one (of course) deals with the ramp up to Saturday’s UFC 182, which will see champ Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier throw down in the main event, while in the co-main Cerrone will mix it up with Myles Jury.

As any sane fighter would do, Jones and Cormier get some training time in, while Jury gets a haircut. But Cerrone…

Props to the producer who rigged a GoPro to the front of Cerrone’s snowmobile, because if while barreling down the trail in the falling snow Cerrone lost control and did a Sonny Bono, we would’ve had some amazing footage of a top UFC lightweight contender eating a tree.

Watch and enjoy.