-Kajan Johnson vs. Tae Hyun Bang

Round 1: Johnson and Bang waste no time swinging hard at each other, with Johnson nailing the South Korean with right hands, a kick to the head and a takedown before two minutes have elapsed. But Bang is tough and full of kimchi, and he tags the Canadian with a left that sends Johnson to the canvas. They scramble a bit before returning to their face-punching contest, and with 35 seconds left in the round, Johnson scores another takedown – a move that probably secures him the round on the scorecards.

Round 2: Johnson comes out a little more tentative, wary off his foe’s powerful left, and Bang dances around, seemingly trying to draw him out for a counterpunch. After a minute the South Korean wobbles him with a right, and Johnson succeeds in getting Bang down. Once more they scramble, and eventually are back up, doing exhausted Leonard Garcia impressions.

Round 3: With blood trickling down his nose and fatigue weighing heavily on his limbs, Bang dances around an equally tired Johnson, neither man displaying any of the pep they showed earlier in the fight. But whether he’s just playing possum or recharging his batteries, Bang still has something left in the tank, and he uses it to walk through a Johnson kick and utterly plaster him with an overhand right. And that’s all she wrote.

Result: Tae Hyun Bang def. Kajan Johnson via TKO (Punch) at 2:01, R3