-Yves Jabouin vs. Mike Easton

Round 1: Easton gets poked in the eye in the opening seconds, and after a brief respite, is fired up enough to tag Jabouin with a couple right hands. Jabouin responds by taking him down, and when Easton slowly cage-walks back up, the Canadian dumps him back down to the canvas. Time expires with them throwing strikes and trying to find openings.

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Round 2: Jabouin begins to nail Easton with strikes – an uppercut here, a spinning kick there – and he keeps the American guessing by mixing in a dominant wrestling game. Just like in the first, this round ends with them swinging hard with their best weapons.

Round 3: This round is more of the same – Jabouin nailing him with strikes and taking him down – until Easton manages to snag a kimura and use it to reverse. But Easton is too tired to finish it, and when Jabouin puts him into his guard to ride out the clock, it’s a no-brainer who’s going to get the decision.

Result: Yves Jabouin def. Mike Easton via Unanimous Decision