-Valerie Letourneau vs. Elizabeth Phillips

Round 1: The ladies want a kickboxing match, and that’s exactly what they engage in, with Phillips undaunted by Letourneau’s slightly greater reach and blasting her hard and often. Letourneau catches one early in the left eye, and when it swells up, Phillips targets it repeatedly. In the waning seconds of the round Letourneau rocks her with a high-kick, and the horn sounds with them brawling.

Round 2: A hemotoma has turned the area around Letourneau’s eye purple, but still they bang. As Phillips starts to huff and puff, Letourneau begins to rattle off combinations, racking up points while Phillips lands maybe one out of three punches.

Round 3: Though her eye looks like something out of horror flick, Letourneau keeps kicking, punching and counter-punching with loads of technique. Phillips does her thing regardless, moving forward and swinging hard, and as the clock runs out they still trying hard to throw leather.

Result: Valerie Letourneau def. Elizabeth Phillips via Split Decision