-Ryan Bader vs. Rafael Cavalcante

Round 1:  Bader comes out showing no fear of his opponent’s striking, but he switches things up and starts wrestling the hell out of him after just 30 seconds. It takes Cavalcante some time to work back to his feet, and when he fails to hurt the TUF winner in the next few minutes, Bader bullrushes him again and takes him down. The round ends with the American battering a turtled Brazilian against the cage.

Round 2: Even though he knows it’s coming, Cavalcante can only hold off the takedown for a minute and a half – at which point Bader resumes his varied ground-and-pound assault. When Cavalcante manages to scramble back up, he does nothing with the opportunity, and with 30 seconds left Bader again takes him down.

Round 3: Cavalcante turns up the aggression and finally looks to be in the fight, forcing Bader to backpedal and dive for takedowns that are stuffed. But this renewed effort lasts all of three minutes before Bader succeeds in taking him down to pound on him. The clock runs out with Bader on top.

Result: Ryan Bader def. Rafael Cavalcante via Unanimous Decision