-Rory MacDonald vs. Tyron Woodley

Round 1: They tie up quickly and end up against the cage, with Woodley trying to wear MacDonald down by carrying his weight. They break apart and MacDonald starts working his kicks, targeting the head and body before Woodley again tries to squash him against the fence. MacDonald resists it, and resists the subsequent takedown, and the last minute of the round is spent with the Canadian chipping away at a seemingly befuddled Woodley.

Round 2: MacDonald continues to back Woodley up against the cage and pick his shots, but the Strikeforce vet fires back with some hard leg-kicks. It doesn’t last, though, and MacDonald’s measured onslaught soon has Woodley pressed up against the cage and playing the role of punching bag.

Round 3: Woodley tries to get aggressive, throwing punches and backing his foe up, but it doesn’t last, and two minutes in MacDonald takes the wrestler down. Eventually the Canadian works into mount and then side-mount, and from kesa-gatame position MacDonald just wails away until the final horn. Total domination.

Result: Rory MacDonald def. Tyron Woodley via Unanimous Decision