If not for the Republic of Dagestan, UFC flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson would have no worthy opponent at UFC 174 on Saturday night. But the mountainous North Caucasus has been spitting forth a number of badass fighters as of late – not the least of which is Ali Bagautinov.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the UFC’s smallest male division, “Mighty Mouse” has done a pretty good job at soundly defeating the competition, which is great for him but rough for those of us who like a bit of drama and conflict in our title fights. Thankfully, Bagautinov has been doing work, snuffing fools out early on in various UFC main cards, and now we have someone with enough forward momentum to make

Bagautinov brings to the table enough wrestling, sambo and power in his fists to be an actual threat. The fact that he hasn’t lost since 2011 helps, too.

For a refresher on the Dagestani’s handiwork, here’s him clobbering Marcos Vinicius at UFC Fight Night 28, which took place on Vinicius’ home turf.