It’s fight night! UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira is on tonight from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, with Jon Jones making his record seventh defense of the UFC Light Heavyweight crown in the main event. Jones’ challenger, Glover Teixiera, is riding a 20 fight winning streak of his own, spanning nine years.

Also on the card is a bout between top light heavyweight contended Phil Davis and the division’s wild card, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Johnson has enjoyed success in four weight divisions fighting for several different promotions, but says he’s now found his way home — at 205 lbs, and in the UFC.

We’ll have coverage of all the action right here. Check back and be sure to hit the refresh key to enjoy our updates throughout the evening.

PRELIMINARY CARD : Broadcast on UFC Fight Pass (7:30 p.m. EST/4:30 pm PST)

Chris Beal (135) vs. Patrick Williams (135)

Williams, another Arizona State wrestling standout, walks into the cage to the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” He’ll have a reach advantage but he may not use it. Beal, Rousey’s first pick at TUF, has a hip-hop ringwalk, and enters the cage a slight (-130) favorite.

 Round One: Big 1-2 for beal as the two move back and forth. Low kick by Williams hits Beal hard — knee first — in the groin forcing a stop in the action. Good hard leg kick by Williams on the re-start. Great counter uppercut by Williams, who hits a nice takedown right into side control. Beal scrambles to his feet and Williams lets go of a headlock and blasts him with an overhand. Wild movement from Williams. Right from Williams. Hard body kick from Beal, Williams with another takedown. Beal is guard now — elevates and gets to his feet. About a minute left. Nice right hand from Beal. Williams bouncing around the Octagon. 1-2 from Beal. Williams tries a takedown but Beal with another hand combo as time expires. Wild round, I’m giving it 10-9 to Williams.

Round Two:Beal with a jab as Williams continues his wild lateral movement. Beal catches a body kick and lands a punch. Williams backing away. Beal steps in with a flying knee! Williams is knocked cold. Rogan calls it “about the best flying knee I’ve ever seen in the Octagon — absolutely perfect.”

Chris Beal defeats Patrick Williams by knockout (flying knee) at 1:51 of second round.


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Danny Castillo (156) vs. Charlie Brenneman (155.5)

Brenneman is one of the night’s biggest underdogs, as Team Alpha Male’s Castillo is about a three to one favorite.

Round One: Castillo with leg kicks to begin. Brenneman with a single to bring Castillo down. Side control with a ton of pressure, plus a few knees to the ribs, from Brenneman. Brenneman to mount, entangles an arm, but Castillo escapes and gets to his feet. They tumble to the mat as Castillo hits a throw but Brenneman reverses and they scramble back up . Brenneman fails with a double leg shot. 90 seconds to go. Jab to the body from Castillo, leg kick from Brenneman. Body kick from Brenneman. Brenneman with a double leg takedown. Brenneman takes his back as Castillo scrambles to his feet. Castillo escapes and looks to take Brenneman’s back as time expires on a wild round. 10-9 Brenneman.

Round Two: Leg kick for Brenneman. BOOM! Right hand from Castillo drops Brenneman. Brenneman is out cold.

Danny Castillo defeats Charlie Brenneman by knockout (overhand right) at 0:29 of round two.

Jessamyn Duke (135.5) vs. Bethe Correira (135)

Both fighters are officially undefeated. 5’11” Duke is known for her stint on TUF under Ronda Rousey and continues to train under the champ. Brazil’s Correira is a slight underdog, and is rated #14 to Duke’s #12 in the UFC’s rankings.

Round One: Duke looking for the jab, Correira fluttering with leg kicks. Correira misses an overhand but the leg kicks landing. Duke looks to clinch and lands a knee to the body. Big leg kick by Correira. Duke finally lands a jab and a right. Correira with a spinning back fist to counter a Duke jab. Duke tries to clinch again and Correira with a right uppercut. Duke with a leg kick. Correira with a leg kick. Correira initiates a clinch, and Duke overhooks and drives her to the mat. They scramble back to their feet. A minute left. Correira slips a jab nicely and lands a right. 1-2 by Duke. Left hook by Duke. Leg kick by Correira. They exchange with hands but neither landing. 10-9, Correira.

Round Two: Correira with a 3-2 combo. Right leg kick keeps landing from Correira. They clinch and Duke gets the takedown. Duke tries a guillotine variant, Correira escapes and gets side control over Duke. Duke with a beautiful reversal but Correira escapes. Back to their feet, Duke with the jab. A nice overhand from Correira. Leg kick from Correira. Solid jab from Duke and a knee to the body. Still, feels like another Correira round, good head movement and leg kicks. Another 3-2 from Correira. 10-9, Correira.

Round Three: Corriera with a leg kick. Duke with a jab and a uppercut. Spinning back fist from Correira. Two big leg kicks from Correira. Duke with a hand combo, Correira with a overhand and a left to the body. Duke getting off a few combo’s but Correira staying busier. Leg kicks from Correira. Duke leans in with a takedown and tries and armbar. Correira escapes. Duke in guard, looks for Eddie Bravo’s “Mission Control.” Groundwork goes nowhere and the ref stands back up. Duke tries another takedown but fails. 10-9 Correira.

Bethe Correira defeats Jessamyn Duke by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, and 30-27).

Isaac Vallie-Flagg (155.5) vs. Takanori Gomi (155.5)

Old Japanese legend Gomi is a -155 favorite over the Team Jackson product.

Round One: Gomi looking for his southpaw jab. Vallie-Flagg slips going for a high kick. Gomi goes orthodox, left hook-right combo. Nice leg kick from Vallie-Flagg. Vallie-Flagg with a couple of hard rights. Gomi back to southpaw, looks tired already (?).  Vallie-Flagg slips again and this time Gomi presses forward and gets in Vallie-Flagg’s guard. Vallie-Flagg tries to scramble up and Gomi takes his back. He fails with the choke but keeps control and hits some good punches. Vallie-Flagg spins out as Gomi tries to transition to mount. 30 seconds left. Nice movement by Gomi to land a straight right. Close round but I’ll go 10-9 Gomi.

Round Two: Right hands landing for Vallie-Flagg. Gomi complains about the tape on his gloves. Gomi wings a big right as Vallie-Flagg fires a leg kick. Southpaw jab from Gomi off a Vallie-Flagg front kick. Right from Vallie-Flagg. Hard leg kick from Gomi. 2-3 combo from Vallie-Flagg.  Both guys lancing with their jabs and Vallie-Flagg looking tired now. Left hook to the body by Gomi hurts him. Gomi lands a jab. Vallie-Flagg with front kick to the body. Right from Vallie-Flagg. Big 1-2 with a left hook to the body from Gomi. Both guys swinging wildly. Vallie-Flagg’s face looking swollen and bloody. Big left from southpaw stance from Gomi, and the right eye looks closed. This one’s a clear 10-9 Gomi.

Round Three: 3-2 combo from Gomi. Left hook to the body from Gomi. Gomi staying in the pocket landing the better combo’s. Gomi stunned all of the sudden and Vallie-Flagg pounces on him for punches. Gomi works to his feet and they’re winging back and forth. Clinched to the fence, Vallie-Flagg with a knee to the body. Gomi with a nasty haymaker and Vallie-Flagg is a bloody mess. The action slows against the fence again. A minute left. Vallie-Flagg with a takedown and they jostle for position as time expires. 10-9 Gomi.

Takanori Gomi defeats Isaac Vallie-Flagg by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Joseph Benavidez (125.5) vs. Tim Elliott (125.5)

Round One: Elliott with a takedown to begin. JB scrambles up, Elliott with a knee to the face. Nice hand combo’s from both, and Elliott with a hip throw. Scramble, Elliott looking for elbows in the back crucifix. Elliott stays on top in JB’s guard. Benavidez kicks off and back up. Two minutes left. Nice right-left from Benavidez. Benavidez reaches in and catches a guillotine. They tumble to the mat, Elliott has both arms trapped by JB’s legs. Elliott is forced to tap with his feet!!!

Joseph Benavidez defeats Tim Elliott by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:08 of round one.


MAIN CARD: PPV (7 pm PST/10 p.m. EST)

Andre Fili (145) vs. Max Holloway (145)

Two young featherweights start the PPV. 14-1 Fili is a slight favorite, even though he’s only had one Octagon appearance to Holloway’s seven. Holloway is 8-3 as a pro.

Round One: Holloway lands a counter right to begin, as Fili is bouncing in and out rapidly. Spinning back kick to the body by Holloway. Fili with an inside leg kick. Uppercut from Holloway. Nice outside leg kick from Fili. Left hook scores from Fili. Holloway misses with a right. Nice 1-2 from Fili. Left hook to the body/right hand from Fili. Leg kick and a jab from Fili. Holloway with a spinning back kick and nice right. Leg kick from Fili. Fili with a double leg but Holloway scrambles right back to his feet. Knee to the face and a jab from Holloway. A minute left. Nice right from Holloway. They clinch to the fence. Horn sounds. 10-9 Fili.

Round Two: Left spinning back kick to the body stuns Fili, but he clinches to recover. Brief exchange of hands and Fili tries a flying armbar (and fails, badly). Big right hand from Holloway. Fili misses wildly with two haymakers. Another good body kick from Holloway. Uppercut misses from Holloway. Two minutes left in a slow round. Fili with a body lock into a takedown. Holloway positions to guard, looking for a hip heist. Ref stands them up — man, that was quick. Both lance with jabs, Holloway may have been poked in the eye. Fili absorbs another hard body kick. Fili is stuffed on another takedown attempt. Time expires. 10-9 Holloway. 

Round Three: The two embrace. Holloway stalking Fili. Fili tries a takedown, Holloway stuffs and scores a knee to the body. Fili with a leg kick. Both guys missing their straight punching. Fili finally gets the takedown. Holloway with an overhook, looking for wrist control. Holloway scrambles to his feet. Nice right by Holloway. Jab from Fili. Fili fails with another takedown. Holloway looks for the guillotine, but no dice. Fili presses him to the cage. Big left and elbows from Holloway! Fili stunned and Holloway pounces for a guillotine!  Fili taps!!!

Max Holloway defeats Andre Fili by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:39 of round three.

Jim Miller (155) vs. Yancy Medeiros (155.5)

Round One: Miller checks a kick, lands a 3-2. Body kick from Medeiros. Medeiros looking to use a reach advantage but Miller pushing forward out of his southpaw stance. Straight left to the body from Miller. Another 3-2 from Miller. Miller uses an overhook to whip Medeiros to the mat and clinches down in a guillotine choke. Medieros flails wildly to escape, but the lights go out.

Jim Miller defeats Yancy Medeiros by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:18 of round one.

Luke Rockhold (185.5) vs. Tim Boetsch (185.5)

Round One: Boetsch shoots for a takedown right away and Rockhold rolls through, catching a reverse triangle. They roll momentarily and while the triangle fails, Rockhold keeps position and snares a Kimura! Boetsch taps!!!

Luke Rockhold defeats Tim Boetsch by submission (Kimura) at 2:08 of round one.

Phil Davis (205.5) vs. Anthony Johnson (205)

Round One: Both guys bouncing in and out. Davis misses a few kicks from the outside. Big uppercut from Johnson. Davis tries to initiate a clinch and Johnson shrugs him off. Nice overhand right from Johnson. Uppercut from Johnson again. Davis against the cage and Johnson blasting him. Body kick from Johnson. Davis bloodied and a little shaken. Davis misses a front kick. 1-2 from Johnson. Hard jab from Johnson. 10-9, Johnson.

Round Two: Johnson stalking Davis. Left-right combo’s from Johnson. Johnson easily stuffs a Davis takedown. Johnson with a glancing head kick. Johnson slips a jab and lands a right. Jab from Johnson. Davis struggling to commit to a technique. Johnson with another glancing head kick. Body shots from Johnson. Uppercut from Johnson. Johnson switches to southpaw. Body kick from Davis. Johnson sprawls out of another Davis takedown — that’s the fifth by Goldberg’s count, wow. 10-9, Johnson.

Round Three: Right hand to the body from Johnson. Double jabs from Johnson. Big right hand glances from Johnson. Johnson sprawls out from another Davis takedown. They press against the cage, and Johnson with another big right. Davis’ jabs looking increasingly weak. Front kick to the body from Johnson. Two minutes left in a slow round. Davis with a wild high kick, missing completely. Johnson stuffs another takedown. Wash, rinse, repeat. Davis still trying, firing off combo’s and the occasional high kick. Johnson with a single leg. They tumble to the mat as time expires. 10-9, Johnson.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson defeats Phil Davis by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Jon Jones (205 lbs.) vs. Glover Teixeira (205) for Jones’ title

Round One: Switch kick to the body by Jones. Right to the face by Teixeira. Body kick by Jones. Jones shoots in for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. Teixeira catches a kick and clinches but Jones escapes. Left hook by Jones, right by Teixeira. Flicking roundhouse kick by Jones to the face. Jones with a poke to the eye — action is halted, and re-started after a warning from referee. Left hook from Jones. Takedown from Jones off a caught kick. Teixeira scrambles back to his feet.  Jabs from Jones, who is switching stances well. Spinning back kick to the body by Jones. 10-9 Jones.

Round Two: Jones drives in for a takedown but Teixeira scrambles out. Inside leg kick by Jones. Jones much quicker. Straight left from Jones, front kick to the body from Jones. Crescent kick from Jones, then an oblique kick. Hard elbow from Jones. Another warning for an eye poke for Jones.  Good left hook from Teixeira finally gets some momentum for Teixeira. Hand combo’s from Teixeira. Jones circles away, gets another head kick. Hard elbow in a hand combo from Jones. Oblique kick. Spinning back kick from Jones. Teixeira with a kick to the body. 10-9 Jones.

Round Three: Rogan notes that Jones isn’t throwing many rights, which is true. He keeps switching stance and landing lefts and elbows. High kick misses from Jones. Jones is stuffed going for a takedown. Jones leans Teixeira against the cage. Elbows and uppercuts to the head by Jones. Jones circles away. Uppercut by Teixeira as Jones advances. Jones with an uppercut. Teixeira lands a punch inside, an elbow across the chin answers for Jones. Teixeira is bleeding. Left hook from Jones. Jones backpedals, lands a few kicks from outside. About a minute left. Lefts and rights to the body by Jones on the inside as Teixeira is backed against the cage. 10-9, Jones.

Round Four: More of the same from Jones, with kicks from the outside to begin. Jones gets in close for elbows and knees, leaning Teixeira against the cage. It’s been a grueling fight. Teixiera lost his mouthpiece, that’s the second time now. It was a Jones jab. Action re-starts, round kick to the body by Jones. Inside leg kicks from Jones. Elbow to the head from Jones. Crescent kick misses, side kick to the leg lands hard. Uppercut to the chin by Jones. Spinning elbow from Jones. Jones leans Teixeira against the cage and beats him up with elbows. Back in the center, Jones shoots a double and begins some ground-and-pound. 10-9, Jones.

Round Five: Jones shoots a takedown to begin. Teixeira scrambles to his feet and ends up leaning with his back to the cage again. Spinning elbow from Jones. Uppercut and left hook from Teixeira. Big punching combo’s from Jones, one-two, one-two. A bloody Teixeira loses his mouthpiece again. Jones reaching out with an open hand over and again, which is illegal. Right hand over the top from Teixeira. Uppercut from Teixeira, up against the cage again. Halfway through the round. Big elbow from Jones. Teixeira staggering away from Jones.  Jones avoiding the action a little, but still landing the occasional strike. Wheel kick from Jones. Jones moving away as time expires. 10-9, Jones.

Jon Jones defeats Glover Teixeira by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45) to defend his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

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