Mike Dolce is a nutritionist for many top athletes, including UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, and several of his MMA fighters will be featured tonight at UFC 171 in Dallas.

Dolce has guided champions and non-athletes alike with his signature “Dolce Diet,” which is also the name of his best-selling book. A former MMA fighter himself with experience at the IFL and others, Dolce received a “Trainer of the Year” award from “Fighters Only Magazine” last year. He also is credited with UFC FIT, the promotion’s home workout program.

But yesterday at the UFC 171 weigh-ins, Dolce and his charge Johny Hendricks, the favorite in tonight’s clash for the vacant UFC Welterweight Championship, found themselves in the middle of a surprising controversy.

Hendricks, who reportedly walks around at 220 lbs when not training for a fight, failed to weigh in successfully at the 170 lb. limit in his first attempt yesterday — looking visibly shaky as he stepped on the scale. He would eventually make weight on a second attempt.

The nutrition guru offered an interesting back story on the matter to journalists yesterday.

Dolce carries a $1500 scale on the road to his clients’ bouts, and this time, it was damaged by some Texas locals during the crucial moments of the weight cut.

Dolce explained to MMAJunkie.com:

“We had gone to a local gym to do some weight cutting in the hot tub during fight week. It was actually last night. Unfortunately, while we were in the hot tub, and the scale was unattended, attendees of the gym were hopping on and off of it. We think the scale might have been damaged because the weight started reading inconsistently.”

This led to the failed first attempt, but as Dolce puts it, the second was “no sweat.”

“He was able to break a sweat pretty quickly, and we knew he would lose that weight. It was easy. If he had to make 165 (pounds), he would have made 165. It was just about making the contracted weight and not going into deficit by over-cutting because of anxiety. He was shaking because he was at very low levels of body fat, (with) very low levels of water running through his system, and it was freezing cold in the venue. That’s why. You’ve got to think, a man standing naked in front of 3,000 people, there’s nerves, there’s anxiety, and he just got done cutting weight.”

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